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The first goat with an adventurous spirit and willingness to put goats in the history books. Toby moved to the Ethereum blockchain now it is time for you to help Toby reach his final destination, the moon.

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Toby is a goat that has never joined the herd like the others. Since childhood, he showed an adventurous spirit and willingness to explore the unknown.

After years of doing his own research, Toby decided to leave his pasture life to embark on what will be the biggest adventure of his life. Determined to put goats in the history books, Toby moved to the Ethereum blockchain to be the first goat to go to the moon.


Our Toby The Goat NFT collection consists of 9999 items that were dynamically generated through computer software based on more than 350 unique traits. From simple expressions to themed hoodies and masks, our team has put in the time and effort to create a quality NFT that will make you proud to call it your own. With Toby The Goat, we offer a perfect symbiosis between art and utility.

Owning a Toby The Goat is much more than owning a beautifully crafted goat, it's a gateway to utility, contests, giveaways, and making NFTs more mainstream. Go through our website to discover how we are bringing utility to our NFT and check out the roadmap to find out how we can make Toby reach the moon.

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Inside our collection we have placed some very special NFTs representing the different artists and influencers that have shown their support for our project. We call them our most wanted NFTs, they are the top 20 most rare NFTs from our collection and we are paying to get them back.

If you mint one of them we will place a bid for your NFT on OpenSea. Our offers go from 0.1 Ether to 2 Ether depending on the NFT, click the button below to visit our wanted page and discover which NFTs we are looking after.



1TOBY THE GOATNFT collection with more than 350 unique traits, from simple expressions to themed hoodies and masks.
2PLAY AND EARNToby will enter a play 2 earn NFT game that aims to create an economy around $FUR, our utility token.
3YOUR TOBYHolders have full ownership and unlimited commercial usage rights over their NFT.
4THE PERKSThe roadmap and perks of Toby The Goat are all about helping Toby reach his final destination, the moon.
5COMMUNITYOur project is backed by a strong community that wants to see this goat leave a mark on the ethereum blockchain.


To provide utility for our NFTs for years to come we will use $FUR, an Ethereum ERC-20 token for Toby The Goat (TTG) ecosystem. The owners of TTG will be able to obtain $FUR by using a method similar to staking, but better.




Pre-mint of 75 random Toby The Goat NFTs for the team and promoting purposes, such as giveaways to grow our community.

10% SOLD

5 Giveaways of 1 Ether to random Toby The Goat holders.

25% SOLD

Play 2 Earn NFT game - Endless runner browser-based game.

50% SOLD

Launch of merch store. Creation of a community fund where 75% of merch profits will be placed.

75% SOLD

Launch of collection Timmy Little Goat (TLG). Free for Toby The Goat holders. In-game companion and entitled to periodic $FUR airdrops.

100% SOLD

Donation of 100 000€ to an institution chosen by the community.


ERC-20 utility token

Holders of Toby The Goat NFT will be able to start a process called growing. A form of staking that enables them to claim $FUR, our utility token, without having to transfer the ownership of the NFT. FUR will give holders the option to perform art-based upgrades, earn passive income, and play on our browser-based NFT game Galactic Goats.

Art-based NFT upgrades

Visual upgrades to the NFT art will be made available through the utility token. The holders will have different paths to choose from, and it's up to them to decide where they start the upgrades. The upgrades consist of elements that were not in the original collection.

Liquidity pools

Swap FUR for other fungible tokens. The team will create an initial eth-fur pair for the liquidity pool. Additional pairs are created as per community request.

Community fund

Profits from merch sales will be used to raise money for our community fund. The community decides the best destination for these funds and the team acts accordingly.

Prized NFTs

Some Toby The Goat NFTs have the right to a prize from our team. If you mint the custom NFTs of the PR's from our team, Alex and Redlive13, we will make you an offer on OpenSea. 2 Eth for Alex's NFT and 1 Eth for each NFT that has the Redlive13 mask.

Fully custom NFTs

To show our appreciation for the artists and influencers that have shown their support towards our project, we have included a handfull of super rare NFTs in our collection. These NFTs are composed of multiple 1/1 traits that make Toby The Goat resemble each artist/influencer. To add that little extra, some of them are also signed.


No NFT collection is complete without a metaverse integration. We will integrate Toby The Goat NFT into a metaverse chosen by the community.


DAVNARdev & blockchain expert


Quantity and Price?

The collection consists of 9999 Goats priced at .06 Ether.

How were the goats created?

Each of our goats was randomly created using computer software that combined more than 350 handcrafted traits to create unique goats.

When can I get a Toby The Goat NFT?

You can mint a Toby The Goat NFT starting on January 23rd, 15:00 (UTC).

Where can I get a Toby The Goat NFT?

You can mint Toby The Goat NFTs through the official website (https://tobythegoat.io) or directly through the smart contract. Upon minting NFTs, these are automatically sent to your wallet and shown in your OpenSea account.

When is the art going to be revealed?

Full reveal of the NFT collection will take place two days after mint, on January 25th, 15:00 (UTC).

Is there a limit of NFTs per transaction?

Yes, the maximum amount of NFTs per transaction is 10.

Is the minting random?

Yes, all NFTs are minted at random from the smart contract.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any doubts regarding our NFT collection, feel free to contact us through our Discord, Twitter or email info@tobythegoat.io.

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